October 2nd, 2006

Cubic Shadowmapping Shader Almost Complete!

I’ve been on a sort of a roll today and I’ve almost finished my shader-based work with cubic shadowmaps! Now the shader supports Parallax mapping through a dedicated height map, and you can control the specular value via both a global multiplier and per-pixel through the alpha channel of the height map. Additionally the shader source itself has been cleaned up and organized, I’m about to comment it, and I’ve added support for TV mesh symantics (texture stages). Now to throw together a little test room and share it with everyone =D

I’ve also begun preliminary work on my shader tech demo for the TrueVision3D tech demo contest (tba). I’ve got some pretty cool ideas, including a completely custom shader-driven lighting pipeline with soft shadowmapping, fur, full HDR with tonemapping, anisotropic lighting, reflection/refraction and more! It’ll also be fully physics enabled. Stay tooned!

Note: Be sure to check out Zaknafein’s work on directional shadowmapping - it’s good stuff!

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