February 12th, 2007

ShaderCraft - PixelCraft

If you look closely at the screens, you’ll notice that my app is actually named PixelCraft and not ShaderCraft. Now, THAT is an embarassing mistake - I forgot I changed the name =(

Aside from that, things are progressing well. Almost all the small annoying UI bugs (that I know about) have been resolved. I’ve added the project and node explorers, adding XML saving/loading of nodes and the ubershader. Grouping has been set up (so you can choose to only compile group A shaders, allows you to automatically create several version of a shader. Say one for 1 dir light and 2 point lights, one for 1 point light and 2 dir lights, etc), and I’ve just started writing the compiler today.

So far the compiler traverses the node tree, seperates all the techniques and passes, and stores proper depth info (so I know which nodes are dependant on each other, so that I can compile them in order). I have a lot of school-related stuff coming up this week so progress will be slow, but I’m hoping to have a concept-demo out for a few people to test within the next 3 weeks.

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