January 26th, 2007

ShaderCraft Updates (among other things)

First off, I’d like to apologize for neglecting my blog so much. A lot has been going on in my life, development wise and personal wise. But, work has progressed despite the lack of updates!

First, ShaderCraft finally now has both a name, and something to show for itself. Graph construction is pretty functional, and fairly error proof, even sorting out what inputs/outputs can and cannot connect (pre-lim error checking). The compiler is about 20% complete, and I hope to have that functioning within the next couple weeks.


Thumbnail of ShaderCraft


Aside from that, I’ve also done a bit of other shaderwork. Slight progress has been made with my shadowing demo, and I managed to complete an entire fur demo in just a couple of days =)

Follow this link to view screenshots, download a video, and if you’re a lucky owner of a TrueVision3D license, you can download the source (VB.Net 2k5).


Finally, Arius and Potato (both from TrueVision3D) and I have decided to reform PAB, and continue development on our FPS demo. My job, of course, is shader developement (though I might have to move on to networking as well, if no one else decides they want to tackle the beast. I don’t blame them). I hope to have ShaderCraft at a functional level fairly soon, so that I can begin prototyping. I expect to have the entire HDR post-processing pipeline complete within the next month.

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